Registration Guide

1.Who Can Participate ?

  • Faculties
  • Faculties from Any Discipline of Science, Engineering & Polytechnic. ( no programming experience required).
  • Students Category 1
  • Students must belong to the same discipline as of the participating faculty in the team.
  • Students Category 2
  • Students from Computer Science, Information Technology or any other related field with sound knowledge of programming.
  • Preferably, HTML, CSS, JS, GIT, Web Graphics and must have a good hold on Math functions.

2.Build your Team of 5.

  • Team of 5 members :
  • 1 Faculty : from any discipline of Science, Engineering, Diploma.
  • 1 Student: from the same domain as of the faculty
  • 3 Students : from Computer Science, Information Technology or any other related field with sound knowledge of programming ( Preferably HTML, CSS, JS, GIT, Web Graphics and good hold on math functions).

3.Trainings before Registrations

Both Faculty and students need to take the coursework listed and submit a task during the registration.

See the left menu for more details.

3.1.Training for Faculties

    • The Faculty member in the team, needs to take an online coursework.


3.2.Training for Students Category 1

Student of Category 1, need to take an online Coursework on :

3.4.Task Definition

  • Definition: 
  • 1. The task for the team is to develop one complete experiment with Pedagogy (Round 1), Storyboard (Round 2) , Lab Manuals (Round 3) and Simulator.
  • Working Protocol :
  • 1. Once the faculty has completed the MOOC on Pedagogy, Storyboard and Lab manuals. They need to hand over the filled Doc Templates to the Students. ( See Faculty Training section to download the templates)
  • 2. Building Simulator should begin only when the above docs are ready, or else the simulator may be flawed.
  • 3. The Student teams based on their training should start to develop the simulator.
  • 4. The pedagogy, storyboard, lab manuals and the source codes have to be added into a public git repository. ( For more details, see the Task Submission. )
  • Technologies to be used to develop the Simulator : HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTML Canvas and SVG Animations only.

3.5.Task Submission

      • Submission Breakup.
      • Teams have to develop and submit 1 Experiment.
      • Step 1. Faculty : Faculty fills the 3 Doc Templates ( Pedagogy, Storyboard & Lab Manual ) and submits it to the Student Category 2 .
      • Step 2. Student Category 2, copies the Doc into the Template Repository listed below ( need to convert the docs into markdown as per the format visible in the sample repository ) .
      • Step 3. Student Category 2, copies the simulator they have made into corresponding folders as per the documentation.
      • Step 4. Student Category 2. Packages the repository as per the below Repository Guide and pushes it on the Public Git Repository ( you can use Github, Gitlab, Bit-bucket etc. make sure the repository visibility is set to public.)
      • Step 5. The Team needs to submit developed experiment, public repository link, in the Registration Form.
      • *   Student Category 1, helps both Faculty and the Category 2 students for the smooth execution of the development process.


5.Selection Process

      1. Once the team has registered, the organizing team shall select the team based on the criteria listed here :
      2. The selection criteria shall be based upon the experiment repository submitted through the public git repository link in the registration form .
      3. Once selected, all the team members shall be notified on their email ids.

6.Fees Structure.

  • Team FEES .
  • The total fees a team has to paid once the teams have registered and have been selected .
  • Faculty  : INR 950
  • Student : INR 450 / student
  • Total Fees / Team : INR 2750
  • The sum total of INR 2750 has to be paid at once, through a single transaction. The receipt shall be generated as per the billing details mentioned during the transaction.
  • If required, individual participants shall be given receipts upon arrival at the event.

6.1.When to be Paid ?

        • The fees are to be paid within 3 days, only upon confirmation of their selection for the BOOTAHTON. (a notification shall be sent to them by the organizers)
        • To increase your chances of selection, make sure you have completed your tasks well.

6.2.What's included in the Fees ?

        • The Fees includes the following.
  • 1. Registration Kit : Stationery, Badges, Folders.
  • 2. Accommodation : Accommodation for 8 Days ( from 3rd till 10 th November )
  • 3. Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner from 4 to 10th November
  • 4. Certificate : The certificate as per the goals achieved by the team.


7.Certification Process

Once the registration has been completed, and the teams have undergone a Pre-Bootathon Training, the teams will then compete for the following certifications at the BOOTATHON event.

  • General :
  • Teams completing the development with, a Mentor & Reviewer rating of 5 out of 5 for exactly 1 experiments, all the team members get a Certificate of Participation
  • Silver :
  • Teams completing the development with, a Mentor & Reviewer rating of 5 out of 5 for exactly 2 experiments, each member gets certified with a Virtual Labs SILVER Developer
  • Gold :
  • Teams completing the development of exactly 3 experiments, each member gets certified as with a Virtual Labs GOLD Developer

  • Platinum :
  • Teams completing the development an entire lab consisting of at least 5 experiments or more  experiments, each member gets certified as with a Virtual Labs PLATINUM Developer

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